A Captain Beauregard Mystery

Why are there many drunk driving accidents killing elderly men in West Side and surrounding areas in Massachusetts? MCU Captain Rudy Beauregard and his detectives find it questionable when good men die from accidents on the side of roads.

“All aspects of the human condition are present in K.B. Pellegrino’s new mystery novel A Predatory Cabal: Worm in the Apple as the detectives have to deal with political pressures, family matters, etc. while at the same time attempting to discover the truth behind the wave of deaths rippling through their hometowns.”

Alana Fretes-Burgos

West Springfield and Paraguay

“K.B. Pellegrino has really done it this time!  She has taken us on a trip to the Dark Side while riding the investigating prowess of the Blue Wave.  If it’s a sociopathic thriller you like, join Captain Rudy and MCU detectives as they walk the long, laborious dark side while solving countless murders and you guessed it…SEX.  In the final chapter not only are the West Side police spent but me as a reader as well.  Great thriller.”
Edward Lyons

Former Editor of the Brockton Enterprise, Providence, RI

Mystery Trilogy


Go back to where it all started. Sunnyside Road, the first book in the Captain Beauregard Series.

A sociopath serial murderer walks silently, avoiding detection, on beautiful Sunnyside Road, a toney paradise neighborhood in West Side, a small city in Western Massachusetts.

Learn more about the story, and how to get a Free Chapter by following the link.

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Somewhere in Western Mass…

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