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Beryl Kent and the Bleeding Man by K.B. Pellegrino wins 2022 American Fiction Award
Killing the Venerable: It's Their Time by K.B. Pellegrino

In the News

September 2022

K.B. Pellegrino Wins 2022 American Fiction Award

The 2022 American Fiction Awards have been announced.  Beryl Kent and the Bleeding Man by K. B. Pellegrino has been honored as a “Winner” in the “Mystery/Suspense: Police Procedural” category.

Summer 2022

K.B. Pellegrino Wins Another Award

Killing the Venerable: It’s Their Time by K.B. Pellegrino has been chosen as one of the NABE, The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners for Summer 2022 in the mystery category.

August 2021

New England Mystery Writers of America

Killing the Venerable: It’s Their Time by K.B. Pellegrino has made the New England Mystery Writers of America poster! 

July 2021

K.B. Pellegrino Interviewed by

K.B. Pellegrino interviewed about her process in writing her successful crime novels. 

January 2021

K.B. Pellegrino Featured in Prime on the Web

Deb Gardner, Editor: PRIME Magazine writes an in-depth article highlighting K.B. Pellegrino’s journey to Author. 

September 2020

K.B. Pellegrino Wins Award

K.B. Pellegrino won the 2020 AMERICAN FICTION AWARDS in the Crime Procedural Category for Mary Lou: Oh, What Did She Do? in August 2020 sponsored by American Book Fest.

January 2020

I would like to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in my
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And a special congratulations to the winners of an autographed copy of my new book Him, Me, and Paulie: Murder, Drugs and Undercover.

Robert from Texas
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Our winners have been notified by email.

Spring 2019

Article in BU Magazine - Engineering

Article in BU Magazine - Engineering


Beryl Kent and the Bleeding Man by K.B. Pellegrino

Beryl Kent and the Bleeding Man
- A Captain Beauregard Mystery -

Just who in this cozy mystery is solving the attempt to kill the ‘bleeding man?’ Choose among this unlikely cast of characters: Beryl Kent, the Intrusive citizen, the mysterious Colonel Connault, Defense Attorney Norberto Cull, or the intrepid Captain Beauregard and his MCU detectives work, not together, but perhaps in a kind of concert of investigations. Bring in the Federal investigators chasing international money laundering schemes and Springfield MCU’s oversight for a second attempted murder of the recovering ‘bleeding man’ and how does Captain Beauregard survive this constant stepping on his two connected murder inquiries?

More Books by K.B. Pellegrino

Him, Me and Paulie
- Drugs, Murder, and Undercover -

A Captain Beauregard Mystery Book #4

West Side MCU Captain Rudy Beauregard is sitting on a crime wave of sexually sadistic serial murders, drug turf war murders, and assaults on his detectives and members of his family.

A Predatory Cabal
- Worm in the Apple -

A Captain Beauregard Mystery Book #5

Captain Rudy Beauregard’s detectives feel out of their element when five beautiful people are murdered in suburban West Side Massachusetts. The detectives discover the victims were participants in sexual forays.

Killing-The-Venerable by K.B. Pellegrino

Killing the Venerable
- It's Their Time -

A Captain Beauregard Mystery Book #6

Why are there many drunk driving accidents killing elderly men in West Side and surrounding areas in Massachusetts? MCU Captain Rudy Beauregard and his detectives find it questionable when good men die from accidents on the side of roads.

Beryl Kent and the Bleeding Man  K. B. Pellegrino

Beryl Kent and

A Captain Beauregard Mystery Book #7

In this thrilling mystery, Major Crimes Unit Rudy Beauregard is frustrated and suffering at the specter of investigative loss of control. Called to an assault of an unknown man, the Captain meets the intrusive Beryl Kent. She is now a witness and in her mind a victim of someone’s devious deeds.

Sunnyside Road
- Paradise Dissembling -


A sociopath serial murderer walks silently, avoiding detection, on beautiful Sunnyside Road, a toney paradise neighborhood in West Side, a small city in Western Massachusetts.

Mary Lou
- Oh, What Did She Do? -

2020 American Fiction Awards Winner


Who killed Leana Lonergan, that wealthy, beautiful, engaging, and brilliant woman, and was she actually murdered? West Side, Massachusetts, MCU Captain Rudy Beauregard delve into the questionable auto accident that took Leana’s life and find much more than they bargained for.

Brothers From Another Mother by K.B. Pellegrino

Brothers From Another Mother
- All for one! Always? -


Years ago, seven boys connected as children at their local boys club. The strength of their bond lasts through adulthood-and now has serious, possibly murderous, implications.

Pellegrino’s first book has earned her a spot among my beloved modern writers. Her writing allowed me to enter a storyline that pretends normalcy within a realm of serial murders. (…)

– Alana Fretes Burgos

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