Brothers From Another Mother

All for one! Always?

Book #3 in EVIL EXIST IN WEST SIDE Trilogy

Years ago, seven boys connected as children at their local boys club. The strength of their bond lasts through adulthood—and now has serious, possibly murderous, implications. But now, with blood in the air, will they turn on each other or gang up on Beauregard as he seeks to uncover the truth?

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Where to Find
K. B. Pellegrino’s

Bookstores (partial list)

Boswell's Books • Shelburne Falls, MA

Porter Square Books • Cambridge, MA

Online (Print & eBooks)


Pellegrino’s first book has earned her a spot among my beloved modern writers. Her writing allowed me to enter a storyline that pretends normalcy within a realm of serial murders. (…)

– Alana Fretes Burgos

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November 3, 2018

Book Signing - Irish Cultural Center • West Springfield, MA

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