Easter and Hope ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Easter Season leaves me breathless. It is the holiday, holyday, that brings me hope. Now I’m writing today after three days of no computer because of a malware attack. I wanted to write every day, but writing on my phone is daunting. To say I was unhappy with my typing hands tied is an understatement. Easter sits in early Spring midst glorious and debilitating weather. At least it is so in New England. Doesn’t matter whether it’s forty or seventy these days, the hope of Easter has comforted me. I think of Easter in its historical and biblical context with the resurrection and its meaning displayed for believers. I think of Easter as the perfect example of the way we should think and live. I love the concept of redemption and for us humans, redemption is our hope. Who amongst us has not a past filled with some regret? Regret is a horrible thing, often stopping us in our tracks and preventing us from action. The memory of our false hopes, our past following the worst examples in life, our taking the easy road, etc. plays with our minds and in many cases causes such mental anguish, the road forward is roadblocked.

So, to say I am thoughtful at this seasonal time is the truth. And then I viewed the new movie “Father Stu.” I saw the movie version of Father Stuart Long’s life with graphic visuals at every turn. I saw blatant hints of the Lord, his Mother, and an angel visiting. I saw a man of little societal status find his direction to God and salvation and I was overwhelmed by the power of this film. I’m not reviewing the actors, presentation, or value of the film although I feel their strength and professionalism. I am simply stating I want to follow in Father Stu’s path in seeking redemption and this film has made such an impact on me, I will never be the same.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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