So This is Christmas... ~ K.B. Pellegrino

So, This Was Christmas! What can I say? Did I have time to read? No! Shopping, get togethers, Christmas Eve with family, Christmas Day with family and a reminder of the times, I received my Moderna booster on Boxing Day and then I was deathly ill for two days. You would think I would have time to read if I was sick. Oh, no, everything was blurry. Television was not an option. But what could I do? I plotted. I invented characters. I dreamed of scenarios and conversations colored by my misery. I drank herbal tea, ate non-gluten toast, and sat wrapped up and begged for warmth from my fireplace. Could be worse you say, but two weeks ago I finished fourteen days of the flu. I must get back to reading and writing and I have just purchased a book to read. “Class Dismissed” by Kevin McIntosh is about a teacher’s experience and since our family is ripe with teachers and I with twenty years as a college professor, it calls to me. I am back. I woke at four this morning and wrote two pages on my eighth mystery novel “Beryl Kent and Murdering Words” as well as edited thirty pages written during my flu era. Glad to be back.
K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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