Prayers ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Une petit dejeuner et des fleurs. This combination of my neighbor Trudi’s dahlias and a small breakfast should fortify the soul of any of us. The display is homespun. It gives grace to our ordinary days, but can it by itself give us relief when we are worried or in need of consolation? No! By itself it cannot. It especially cannot help if we have not worked beauty into our souls as a condition of our everyday life. What could dahlias possibly mean to me? I’ve watched them grow in all their majestic beauty for years. I’ve watched Trudy and her mother, when her mother was still alive, tend them. What about the white pitcher? Mary gave it to me as an honor when her beloved grandmother passed. What about the breakfast? Panetone sits there long before the holidays meant to perk us up. Citrus and apricots and banana and mozzarella for protein are meant to support the body for facing a difficult day. All are reminiscent of our thoughts about balanced meals. Look at the dish of whole greek yogurt with blueberries and nuts and seeds atop. It belongs as part of our view about good nutrition. What about the granite counter serving as a host for this small breakfast? Its history is from the rainforest of Brazil. Am I the only one who sees connections from the ordinary aspects of life and our internal response to their connectedness to our past, our vision, and our souls? We live in a most wonderful universe if we could just appreciate the beauty every day of our lives. Sucking in that beauty helps make us stronger, helps remind us we are not here alone; that we did not create this universe. We may work on its materials for our own needs, but we must acknowledge something bigger than ourselves. I find the grace in little things helpful in facing the troubles before me. Despite that, I also need prayers.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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