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I Believe in Guardian Angels by K.B. PellegrinoHow do I describe this holiday season? It was different. It was also quite wonderful. Our very large family celebrated by installments of small groups over four days. The problem is it meant eating rich foods over four days and being overwhelmed slightly by the whirlwind of emotion spread over four days. The youngest member of the gathering of family slept in separate rooms over most of the celebrations. Harper Vine Frazier is 3.5 months old and would be brought out occasionally to be admired. On Christmas Eve six of us celebrated the seven fish Italian dinner at Joey and Janet’s home midst music and too much food. Then Christmas Day at Rafe and Mary’s with Italian American food followed by an enormous Irish breakfast on the 25th at Kerstin and Pat’s home followed by a visit with a taste of everything at Julian and Kim’s. I did not mention visits from the grandchildren; all seen at one place or another or at our home.

My son Rafe brought the January addition of the monthly PRIME magazine (published early) to our Christmas Day dinner. The cover article on my authorship and history, although beautifully done, was read aloud to a cynical although admiring audience who then made fun of this author’s photo. I am sending you the connection to the publication. You may enter a contest for my latest mystery KILLING THE VENERABLE: IT’S THEIR TIME which is scheduled for publication in January 2021. See:…/pellegrinos-passion/

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and our celebration will be uneventful other than obeying the Irish tradition of opening the front door at midnight and throwing the old year out and welcoming 2021 in with gratitude we have survived 2020. 2020’s exit will be accompanied by great noise. I wish you all a better year. Blessings to you all, dear readers.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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