23 degrees and no walk today ~ K.B. Pellegrino

At 7:300 am today, I rebelled. Despite my desire to escape my home for the great outdoors, I wimped out. I was not quite ready for below freezing walking. So instead, I wrote a poem on winter weather. Writing recaptures my soul to again use weather as inspiration and not as an invitation to depression. It worked. I was able to transfer my creativity to the novel I am currently writing which will be my seventh in the West Side MCU Captain Beauregard Mystery Series. The sixth in the series has an ETA of late January and is currently under production for formatting and cover. Entitled “KILLING THE VENERABLE (IT’S THEIR TIME), the novel brings the condition of the elderly and loneliness to the forefront and how their situations invite them as a serial murderer’s target. As with the other books, a slice of western Massachusetts is background. For perhaps the second or third time, childhood abusive situations have a role in later evil behavior.

Stay warm today if you are in the north and cool if you are in the south.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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