And So the Hustle Begins ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Mid-September reminds us of how busy we are and will continue to be until mid winter when we get a snow day here in the northeast corner of the USA.

I think of this time, as the great hustle. Kids of all ages are back in school, and businesses get serious about planning. The restaurant community is looking at the holidays to keep them in the black; as is retailing. September decorating is required for the autumn celebrations after first requiring us to clean our homes, yards, and offices. And then there are weddings, always unexpected funerals, and other events. September is a time to do a financial review to prepare for end of year taxes and for holiday presents; perhaps next semester’s tuition when this semester’s has just been paid. It is a Hustle and we, somehow feel the energy to hustle.

September is also a time to shop to repair the wardrobe after cleaning closets. It’s a time to meditate and cleanse your brain and soul from negative thoughts. A routine for physical maintenance is often established at this time.

As we are hustling, we use the associated adrenalin to give energy to the hustle; it is a convenient match of work and energy, don’t you think? Stop and say thank you to all around you who are in your life. Say thank you to God for your gifts. Praise those you love. Be happy you are able to hustle in a good way.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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