Anxiety... ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Family, writing, business, reading, and friends have me slightly discombobulated today. There is just so much energy I have and in the past I thought I was among the most energetic. That was when I wasn’t writing books; when my family was at a smaller size; when business decisions involved less paperwork; when friends were healthier; when I could read until two in the morning and not feel it the next day. That was then, not now. I have had a weekend attending a family baby shower for eighty-five ladies and three men, a baby’s first birthday, my dining room ceiling falling down from a plumbing situation, and my forced and urgent correction of these problems to host a planned event in nine days at my home.
Guess what! Reading has taken a back seat and I miss it. I believe reading and writing are my sedatives and pain killers. Now I have the forced anxiety of coping with my problems with out my reading and writing. It’s only for two weeks, you say! I’m suffering. Soon I may again have balance in my life.
K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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