Be Happy ~ K.B. Pellegrino

We have just returned from eight days at the family home on Cape Cod Bay in East Sandwich, Most days were perfect beach weather, which for many of my friends who are able to lie on the beach for hours at a time, would call the weather ‘perfecto.’ I hit the beach early and late and never in the middle of the day, but instead watch the glorious ocean water from our deck. You may ask why and unfortunately, the answer is ‘I have a fair complexion’ and within twenty minutes into strong sunlight the result is a burn. Genetics can be a fun buster. When I was younger and suffering from a blistering sunburn, I would rail against my birthright saying, “Why can’t I get one of those gorgeous tans, why, why, why? I decided along the way when I noticed that no one person gets all the gifts nature has to offer that being negative offers no satisfaction. Nor does envy of another’s gifts give comfort. ‘Be happy’ as a meditation mantra became instead a way of life for me.

I recall my mom telling me that no one, no one person gets through this life without some sorrow, hardship, or suffering. I believed her. I certainly don’t want to suffer or have hardships or experience sorrow. I am not able to control what fate hands me, but I do know life hits many with sledgehammers, while I have only received a slight tap. Therefore, I have to be happy and save my tears for those others whose lives by comparison are an every day struggle. So I say to you all, stop looking at reasons to be miserable. Be Happy. It is a state of mind.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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