Busy Busy Busy ~ K.B. Pellegrino

What an exciting weekend I just survived. Starting with dinner with friends on Friday evening; on Saturday buying mulch from the local hardware store, tripping off to the bank, lovingly attending a family wedding shower for Ariel Jocelyn, welcoming a visitor, Attorney Louis Marcou, from Australia who shared our home as a B&B and joined us for the lobsterfest at the club; on Sunday gorging on breakfast at the Crepe House, joining about six hundred attendees at a fundraiser for a police lieutenant who suffered a medical event while on duty, and ending with a wonderful family Father’s Day celebration at Sawyer’s home.

This is the second weekend in a row where my social life overwhelmed me. I did not write. I did not edit. I did no work. What did I do? Well, think about the energy expended in conversation and renewal of friendships. What do you think that kind of energy does for the spirit? It is a recharge of psychological batteries; that’s what it does. For a writer, it supplies a necessary break allowing the brain to think differently. It allows others’ ideas to float into my mind because my brain is at rest. You can bet that I will be churning all those thoughts subtlety and mixing them to form new patterns of thinking. Being busy may have allowed the introduction of new ideas that would not have been allowed if I was thinking like a writer, but easily allowed by my social and non-guarded mind. Busy may really have given me a mental vacation, despite my physical exhaustion.

K. B. Pellegrino

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