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Hi Readers — If you have been following my publications in the “Evil Exists in West Side Trilogy,” you could not ignore the protagonist I have chosen. West Mass MCU Captain Rudy Beauregard appears to be ‘singularly’ ordinary, almost the opposite of most leading characters in this mystery and police procedural genre who are with the police. He has no history that he himself has created that strikes the reader as unusual or risky. He is in a solid marriage with three sons. His wife is as extraordinary in her ordinariness as he; but look, she is such a do-gooder, helping any person or organization in need. Perhaps she is not ordinary at all. He is aware that he is fortunate to have such a life, so stable and fulfilling. He has a back-story, but it was not caused by him. You will read about it in the third book of the trilogy just published, named “Brothers of Another Mother (One for All! Always?).”

So you may ask, why just why, would the author have such a leading character; especially when she writes so easily about murder and drugs and sociopaths. The answer lies in this author’s conviction that ordinary people are often fascinating. I am enthralled by ordinary people doing normal work, doing it every day, meeting their responsibilities within their abilities, and often changing the world around them. Rudy diligently reviews file information over and over, never brilliantly by himself, for he is the consummate leader who respects his colleagues. Does he have flaws? Most certainly he does for he is an ordinary man. Is he sometimes wrong? Of course, but he doesn’t seem to let the knowledge that he is not all knowing stop him from continuing his good work. He knows that the course of life is lined with trip-ups. If only I, and maybe some of you, could remember that and not let mistakes cripple our progress.

Look around your world, dear readers, and spot those ordinary souls and appreciate their steadfastness. Then look at what you are reading and let me know which ordinary protagonist you find interesting.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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