Comfortable Arrival ~ K.B. Pellegrino

My yearly visitors have arrived. Not all of them quite yet, I’m sorry to say. Analogous to receiving Amazon packages during shut down, when one or two come daily, my arrivals are just as reliable. Crocus in purple appear along with daffodil in yellow to start my parade. Next is the stunning dogwood tree in massive white coloring. I see other blooms in forsythias and buds on some of my fruit trees. Azaleas are waiting to show their stuff in colors of pink and red in my plot of land. Almost time for the bed of lily of the valley with its special aroma bringing delight to an area of shade. My yard has more sun than shade. You are aware there are many more colorful flowers who love sun than those that love shade. I have shade because i delight in evergreens. Alas, I must remedy color needs with some annuals. My hydrangeas are yet to show their blooms that stay with me throughout the summer and autumn.

I liken my garden to the characters in my mystery novels. So many are colorful. Mostly those with flaming profiles entrench themselves in one novel, while the characters with staying power appear in all my books and are the epitome of the evergreen. The evergreen is there in all seasons fighting wild winds, raid, snow, sleet and horrific storms. This is New England. Perhaps you readers from outside the area think our northeast tip of the country is not as showy as other areas. Come look at the sturdiness of our plants and my West Mast MCU Captain Rudy Beauregard, a survivor of life and professional storms. They are, the evergreens and Rudy, my loves. Oh how wonderful it is to take for granted my floral visitors and my most important character. I do love a showy mass of flowers. Consider a bed of lavender or a hardy lilac bush with their aromas. Love it. Read my books and meet Lavendar, a special lady, or Mary Lou whose life is a rollercoaster of negatives and positives, or Lily Tagliano a tough talking but now in love detective, or Norberto Cull the quintessentially perfect defense attorney. Norberto is an evergreen. Lavender is a blooming showing tree. Read about them and categorize them. Have fun.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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