Driven by goals ~ K.B. Pellegrino
Goals Drive…
Yesterday I met Noe. This city of mine is Springfield, Massachusetts, and until the late nineties, we did not have a large workforce from Mexico. His story is the story of my grandparents, just from a different country. He is a handsome and well-spoken man originally from Mexico and has built his business from the bottom up. His equipment is kept in tip top shape. He has done well because he had goals. I’d engaged his services to remove an almost 200 foot diseased pine from my yard. My rear yard is not assessible for equipment from the street causing me to engage his services as a tree climber. In addition to being an author, I wear many hats; one is as a licensed construction supervisor. I am often astonished at the skills displayed and intelligence in managing different types of or work needed to build. Well, I was impressed yesterday. He had a team of five men and I watched them for hours as they planned the project. All the big equipment was in place on time. There was no searching for something. There was no confusion. Each man knew what to do, how to help the other, and to support Noe, who is the tree climber. Once you see a man 200 feet in the air and the pine swaying from a branch removed leaving my breath caught in fear, you cannot forget the visual image. Noe was up on the tree, hanging by his climbing belt with ropes clipped to the next tree as a security in case of a fall. He was in that tree for four hours. It is dangerous work.
I am an author which makes me a great observer of life and people. Perhaps Noe will be in one of my mystery novels. I will find a place for him. I am much more frightened by his implementation of his work than I am of my murderous villains in my fiction.
K. B. Pellegrino, Author
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