Excitement Brewing for Sunnyside Road (Paradise Dissembling) ~ K.B. Pellegrino

The book launch for Sunnyside Road (Paradise Dissembling) is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the Springfield Country Club, West Springfield, in western Massachusetts. The event is exciting, especially because this country club is similar to the one mentioned in all three of the ‘Evil Exists in West Side Trilogy’. The setting of the trilogy is in a fictional city/town adjacent to Springfield and the characters feel like our neighbors but are truly a composite of no one I know.

It should be a fun night and I look forward to signing your books. A limited number of books will be available at the door and several books will be a door prize.

I have so enjoyed writing these books, but more importantly now, is for you, the reader, to let me know if You enjoy entering the world of Sunnyside Road, where the paradise of the good life appears to disapper; where you will meet the stalwart, but damaged, Captain Rudy Beauregard and his MCU dectectives; where you will meet the residents of this road who are facing a serious disruption of trust in their lives, and where the solution is no where perfect, but perhaps reminds us that legal justice and our concept of justice are not always one and the same.

So looking forward to talking to my readers on paper, email, or in person. K. B. Pellegrino

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