Excitement in western Massachusetts ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Well, readers, tomorrow is opening day for MGM gambling Casinos in downtown Springfield, the first major gambling casino to open in Massachusetts. Anticipate traffic as the casino complex takes up four central city blocks and is adjacent to the Hampden County courthouses in Springfield. What will this mean? Certainly it offers a rejuvenation of some of the downtown buildings with new shops, seven cinemas, a hotel, casinos, parking garages, and more. The surrounding area has been upgraded and even those residents who did not vote for the casino are hopeful that it will be good for jobs and businesses in general.

What do you think it will do for writers of mystery novels? Try thinking of it as a backdrop for murder and mayhem. Even as one walks the beautiful entrances to the casino granting an apparition of modern luxury with traditional design, imagine the grandness as a setting for romance vs hate, luck vs greed, beauty vs horror. The possibilities are endless. But then again, aren’t the possibilities endless for all mystery even from our every day life.  I will post later about the opening parade scheduled for tomorrow. Half the city will be closed tomorrow to accommodate the grand opening (which is billed as a soft opening). Excitement abounds and hopefully all positive excitement!

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