Holiday Recovery ~ K.B. Pellegrino

I have been here before. You probably have, also. After five days of indolent sitting by our beach on Cape Cod Bay on a protected deck with masses of company mostly comprised of young people in their twenties, I must now face the reality of work and normal living. Our company was mixed with a few older adults and, at times, nine young relatives and friends. It was a busy time although I was not busy.

My body systems were all in disarray today as I walked the treadmill and rode my recumbent bike with my dog Othello resting on the couch watching me. I believe I heard him say quite distinctly, “Let’s go back to the beach. Your friends played with me all day. Instead you ride your bike. What about a walk with me. I’ll drag you all around and you won’t have to exercise.” I’m sure I heard him say that or if not, that’s what I would have told me if I were Othello.

I spent the weekend listening to music that was at best alien to me. These young people cooked for us all on Saturday and Sunday. I did enjoy that. In fact I had little to do for the last five days, with the exception of listening to their conversation and inspecting their eclectic beachwear as they ran around all afternoon and evening after barely moving in the am. Youth is slow to wake and infinitely slower to settle down once awake. Laughter did abound and I so enjoyed the laughter. Debates also showered our ears sometimes reaching a stormy level. I have no problem entering any debate; and to be frank, I think my thoughts were new to some of them. And the food. Twenty somethings eat all day long. Their choices bordered on Mexican, Asian, Italian, Seafood, and anything one could possibly eat. Therefore, I could always find something pleasing to my palate. Cocktail hour started at four. I thought many times of the rationed calories I normally consume and know that if I kept up with them, I would be awake all night and weigh 300 pounds. Let them enjoy for life does catch up with us.

This injection of GenZ and Milleniums company did recharge my batteries. After all, right now they think they can do anything. I once thought that, and I realized that I still am able to do anything I wish, although with a lot more discretion in my choices. Hooray for exuberance. Hooray for daring. Hooray for the beginnings of their professional lives. Hooray for them facing a complicated world. It was a joy.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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