Hot Time Tonight ~ K.B. Pellegrino

I just had dinner with some colleagues from my academic past. We sat in the pub and with a drink and some food enjoyed the camaraderie that only long time friends can give. We discussed or shall I say argued politics, culture, religion, experience, and life in general. It seems to me that there is nothing that is able to replace the fun of a group celebrating life together. We need to do that more often; all of us. What is better than the interchange among people? Each new idea offered is a sliver of truth that shakes our complacency. Toddlers understand that best as they offer their toys to the other and then cry at its loss; at least they are living. They don’t have the capacity to truly recognize loss. They expect love and care and hopefully get it.

Let’s expect love and care and give into the need for intimacy in conversation and return the love and care. Happy Day!

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