Hump Day ~ K.B. Pellegrino

It can’t be hump day. I don’t want today, Wednesday, to end. Normally hump day leaves me forcing myself through my duties to get to the second part of the work week. The feeling of going down hill after a climb is exhilarating. Not today. The weather is cooler. The air is dry. The grass is greener. My flowers are blooming. I want today to last. One of the wonders in my paying attention, finally, in the moment, finally, to my surroundings, is my great appreciation of the world around me. Whether I am enclosed in my castle or out in the street of the wider world, I observe and see what in the past I did not. I have become a microscope for the details in my surrounds. Sometimes those details remind me of my past good judgment as when I notice a pattern in a pillow and compliment myself for choosing it. Other times I view the mass of lily of the valleys knowing I only planted a few, and yet, nature gave them room to do what they are meant to do, spread. On days like this I love life. On days like this my muse says take the beauty and write about it; you need some balance for the murders in your mysteries.

K. B. Pellegrino

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