Italian Name Day Holiday ~ K.B. Pellegrino

It is a special day for all Italians today. It is name day for Saint Joseph, and in Italy it is also the day on which Father’s Day is celebrated. In the United States, we honor Saint Joseph with Italian pastries called Zeppole and Sfingi. Filled with cream and delicious when we accompany them with cappuccino. We all can be Italian on March 19. The memory of Saint Joseph and his specialness in the hearts of Italians everywhere is easily understood. Religiously he is the husband of the Virgin and the father figure for the Babe. He is the silent backdrop of the family. His role in history is understood as that of the great protector and family man.

It is so important these days to give due to all the men in our world who work to do the ordinary things in life and do them well. Saint Joseph did not look to be famous, but he worked diligently to protect his little family. Whether you have faith in the story of Joseph or instead think of his story as a myth, you must acknowledge that his portrait is that of a man to be respected.

I, for one, praise the unsung heroes around me both men and women. I am drawn to the concept of Joseph particularly during these difficult times. We need loving forces in our lives who hold steady and have faith in us and grant us continued good will.

So go get some Zeppole or some Saint Joseph Day Bread today and think about this loyal and kind man who once lived and whose reputation has endured for over two thousand years.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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