Labor Day 2020 ~ K.B. Pellegrino

I soul-searched today about my personal history with Labor Day. I remember parades; albeit some were very small. Mostly as a child, I celebrated lakeside with my family at cottages in New Hampshire. I remember wearing my bathing suit all day and going barefoot. My brothers and sister and I swam and ate the barbecue bash with great gusto. We were hungry. Maybe we would join the folks from nearby cottages and have a group feast. Our mom would make brownies and strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream. Such simple celebrations! Such delicious memories!

However, later in my life Labor Day celebrations included loud but great music, good food all day for the grazers, fireworks, and lots of relatives and friends joining us. Mostly we were at Cape Cod or Maine beaches. Lobster and steamers served as my favorite repast. Large crowds were a must and the parties did not stop at nine pm.

2020 brings a reevaluation of what is important. Limiting the crowd is a Massachusetts state requirement. No kissing. No tomfoolery while swimming. Social distancing. No food sharing. Marked cups. Using paper plates and napkins and plastic utensils: all throwaways. Not too much wine and beer to insure behavioral safety.

Still, I am excited to be with family and enjoy the camaraderie. Quarantining forced us to consider what is important. Family is important. Friendships are important. My family is expecting an addition around Labor Day 2020 which might require some to head out to Chicago for the birth of baby girl Harper Vine Frazier. My memories are wonderful, but 2020 Labor Day will be one of the best. Family and news of a new baby’ together after the dearth of companionship COVID-19 demanded. And, I am certain, absolutely certain, I will experience new energy and inspiration for another mystery novel. Life presents me with my passion for writing. Happy Labor Day wherever you may be.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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