Looking Anew ~ K.B. Pellegrino

I’ve been struggling with a virus. Turns out I’m not alone. At least two in my family have visited the Doc in a Box and several friends as well. The problem is that we think in the morning that we can handle all the sniffles, coughs, choking, sneezing, upset stomachs and then at five o’clock when it’s too late to see the primary care doc, we can’t get through the night. Well I’m on the upside now and am trying to figure out what was positive about this nasty four day experience. I think I’ve got it.

I took time to sit by the fireplace and think about family and the season while I drank fluids. I looked at my sitting room in a new way. Was that vase always there and how did I have the good taste to place it there on that beautiful table? I bought the table at a garage sale for $50. I knew it was valuable and had it repaired for $500 where the refinisher offered me $1,000. That was over fifteen years ago. I go by it daily and don’t think about its beauty.

Thinking about this table brought my mind to all my associates, friends, and relatives who I may pass, some almost daily, in my life. How valuable they are. My days of sniffling were not wasted. I will look with clearer eyes on the valuable world and its inhabitants around me. When I write my books I will remember thoughts and looks shared with me and perhaps impart some of the specialness of people; naturally I’m not talking about my criminal sociopaths but the good people who live good lives trying to do good every day.

The third book in the “Evil Exists in West Side Trilogy” is now in editing. Looking forward to the publication of “Brothers from another Mother (All for One! Always?” expected in early 2019.

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