Market Street Bookstore-Mashpee Commons - Cape Cod ~ K.B. Pellegrino

It was a rainy day yesterday on Cape Cod. Our friends and we determined to enjoy the day by pulling ourselves away from our covered decks studying the sea. We set off for Mashpee Commons and were thoroughly entranced at the constant traffic into what I think is an iconic bookstore, The Market Street Bookstore at 31 Market Street. The proprietor greeted each customer with the friendliest interest in their needs. She knew every book requested. If it was not in stock, she guaranteed the day of delivery. The store is a marvel of old fashioned retail of the most important aspect of life, in my opinion: the resources for dreaming, self-help, mystery, sci-fi, children’s literature, romance, research, great books, etc.

When she was informed that my serial murder mystery,  Sunnyside Road (Paradise Dissembling), had just been published by Liferich Publishing, she checked her supplier and ordered delivery of a few books for her shelves. Please visit her. If she has depleted her order with sales to customers, I am sure that she will directly order more.

After that visit, we all headed towards Hyannis for lunch after shopping a bit. Wonderful fish and drinks were served at Baxter’s Boathouse in a raucous stormy day atmosphere at the beach. Then back home to East Sandwich sitting by the bay as our guests Neil and Kim concocted a beautiful cream of mushroom soup, sans gluten and dairy, from scratch.

The weather may have been murkey, but our day was sunny.

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