Mid-Summer Sunday ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Moderate weather at 81 degrees, today on a mid-summer day, leaves us conspiculously lazing around water: ocean, lake, river, stream, swimming pool, artificial waterfall, etc. It does not matter what or where or why or how you are in this spot. Water and lazy observations of water soothe the overwrought mind. Business problems trickle down the highway to nowhere. There is always tomorrow. Domestic duties somehow do not appear important today of at least not for another hour. If you are in a ship, yacht, canoe, or even a raft, the rhythmn of the smoothest water tranquilizes. No need for ambien. You look up at the cloud formation. You listen for birds and some less welcome sounds as the buzzing of insects and yet you relax. Nature reduces your systolic down to a level that inspires your cardiologist to say, “Well I’m happy you took my suggestion and made changes in your life style.”

All you’ve done for an hour or two is to connect with the earthly mothership for a recharge, with the heavens for spiritual enlightenment, with your subconscious allowing reception of its screaming new ways of looking at the world. It is a beautiful day today, the day you had nothing important to do!!!!

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