Mystery in Western Massachusetts ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Thursday we visited the Big E, the exposition in West Springfield. It is the largest fair in the northeast and when we are there we see the diversity of people having so much fun. For us, as for many who visit yearly, we have our favorites. There are the six New England state buildings demonstrating the foods, products, and leisure activities they are known for. The tastings are wonderful, but every person has favorite repeat stations. Fortunately for me, I’m more discriminatory in what i eat now. No longer the days where everything must be tasted. There are ‘gourmet items that I will never try. For instance many young people eat the fried oreo cookies and I’m aghast at the calories and extra fat consumed. Deep fried corn changes a health food to the equal of dessert. There are so many more I could list but wish to be fair. There are also stands with fresh raspberries, apples, good cheeses and so much more. And then we have the vendors who each year show us additions needed for our homes and pergolas we could build or buy; furniture made in the New England tradiition, beautiful saunas, and kitchen and household gadgets. I am such a sucker for a good sales talk and demonstration of the slicing ability for various knives.

I watch the people around me and wonder. What do they read? Which ones are like me and read mystery stories? I sat on a bench and watched a television star doing hypnosis on a group of attendees. She had the audience totally involved with the antics of those under hypnosis. Are these attendees my audiience? After all they are interested in what could be even if they are not sure how.

It was a beautiful day in western Mass and we so enjoyed ourselves away from work, sophisticated play, and household chores.

Take a break some beautiful day and if not the Big E then a ride in the country, a lunch by the shore, a hike in a park or the mountains; anything that brings your brain and soul to a different place.

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