Original Man and Woman ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Walking on my new teadmill this morning, with it going faster than I wished at seven in the morning, the news alert was what, some think is stunning. Scientists have determined, despite trying not to believe the results of their tests, that there was an original man and woman as our first ancestors dating back about 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Further that about 90 percent of all animals’ DNA shows each kind as having its own common ancestors dating back to that time. Must have been a heck of a big bang to supply so many varied occupants at the same time. The world may again be topsy turvy. Certainly common ideologies will be in question. We know that the world is older than 200,000 years, so who or what was there before and it looks as if Darwin’s ideas may be in serious jeopardy.

Well enough for today’s stunning news. We will wait for the thousands of interpretations that will be given by other scientists, religious leaders, television and radio pundits and the everyday person such as you and your friends.

. You and I are occupants of this current world, and if there is any truth to these new scientific revelations. we are all from one common source. So let’s act like family. Color does not matter. Gender, howeve you interpret it, does not matter. Race does not matter. Ethnicity does not matter. We are family. We apparently started on common ground. Perhaps we can find common social ground by demonstrating kindness and respect to each other in our interactions.

In all my books, which involve normal every day folks and a serious and moral Captain Rudy Beauregard as the Major Crimes Unit detective, whose job is to search for criminals who put West Side citizens and others at risk. My three novels from the “Evil Exists in West Side Trilogy” may explore serial murderers, sociopaths, and criminals, but I also attempt to demonstrate the many characters who think good thoughts, who live with respect for others, and who may suffer as victims but still try to rebuild their lives. Let’s make many more of us doing the right thing, counteracting racism, sexism, misogyny, greed, unkindness, jealousy, etc. More of us doing good than those others.

K. B. Pellegrino


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