Rain, Rain, Rain ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Sparkling raindrops and I felt the romance of the moment as they glistened like diamonds on the elephant ears in my garden. And then, like my murderers, they turn from gentle to a deluge of hate. They blocked sewer drains clogging them with depris drained from the street gutters. Underground water rose up and interfered with all human efforts made by the installation of sump pumps in basements. The pumps just couldn’t keep up with the volume of rain water.

Reality hurts sometimes. In my immediate surroundings, nobody was hurt. We just faced a mess to clean up. But, and you know it too, water can be deadly. It can murder, or worse yet, be used as a murder weapon.

Read my serial murder mystery novel “Sunnyside Road (Paradise Dissembling).” Fiction is far less work than reality and ever more fun. You may purchase this book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retail stores.

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