Rainy Day ~ K.B. Pellegrino

On a rainy day, I am reminded that three of my grandparents immigrated from Ireland in the early 1900’s. I’ve visited Ireland on several occasions. The people are friendly, the pubs inviting, and the land is greener than the travel brochures can capture photographically. The reality is greater than the advertising. Today is one of those rainy days common in Ireland and I am fighting flu like symptoms the result of a drug infusion where every bone in my body aches. I am able to sit at my desk and type, but that is about all I can do. So follow me in my logic please. Rain brings the beautiful foliage, grass, and flowers. My not feeling well allows me to think singularly about writing. If I didn’t have this bone pain, I’d be trying to do ten things as once. The rain and the pain focus me. I believe in overcoming little obstacles in my life. I had wanted to garden today. Nope, can’t do. I had wanted to visit a friend and do some shopping. Nope, the pain is worse when I walk. So I write. At the moment I am editing. Is there a more tedious job? I may hate editing, but I have learned editing it the most important job. Currently I am editing my seventh novel, where I have developed a new character, a woman named Beryl Kent. MCU Captain Beauregard thinks she is intrusive. Well she is, but her behavior helps him. Such fun! Enjoy the weather.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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