Ready for Creatively Writing! ~ K.B. Pellegrino

How much does weather have to do with our actions, murder, lying, cheating, stealing, and the opposites of kindness, love, and giving. I love to blame the weather. I always feel that mystery stories set in cold, or raining, or blistering hot temperatures set the scene. Today, a Tuesday, I felt slightly discombobulated as Mary Poppins might say. First warm and humid from the rain last evening and then the clouds opened up. Now it feels more stable. I was ready, I thought to tie the weather into a plot.

I tried to settle down to do some related creative writing. Alas, I needed structure and so I settled for editing. I needed focus: one task in depth. It helped but not enough. does that ever happen to you? Do you ever have to corral your brain in order to do something positive. I thought about a quote from Michael Roth, CEO of Interpath Group who says, “…In our business, whenever there’s a disruption, our clients need guidance” and decided that I was the client and I needed guidance. I could have done nothing, but when would that nothing stop–it could go on forever? What is important for us all to support our creativity? We often have read a book and entered another world for a short time, and our minds become stimulated. We see a plot or a vision that spurs our personal industry. Taking a cue from the zillion dollar water industry, I opened a bottled water and downed it. Sated, I did R & R talking with a good friend noted for his sarcastic wit. I realized that these were mini breaks, not a vacation, but a rest. Finally I was able to think creatively. The process of creatively writing stimulates the mind, but it seems to me that it only stimulates the mind when the mind is already stimulated to write.

So was it the weather that disrupted my creativity and did I, with my actions, give myself guidance back to some norm allowing me to write creatively? Perhaps the creative mind is similar to a naughty child who won’t do what you want just because you want to do it, but is able to be cajoled into agreement. Did my actions cajole my wayward mind back to creativity. In that case, weather has nothing to do with the process, just a wayward mind. Is a puzzlement!!!!!

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