RENEWAL of SPIRIT ~ K.B. Pellegrino

I purchased a shed for my city space in August 2020. COVID related problems prevented immediate delivery, delaying it to mid-March 2021. Five days later the shed was destroyed in a sudden and violent storm. Such occurrences take the wind from our sails. But then reality sets in! Next steps were ordering the same shed over again, begging for immediate delivery, speaking with the insurance appraiser, getting assistance with removing the shed, the tree, and other damaged items. I did all of that, but I must say my heart was not in it. It felt like I was editing my book for a tenth time, wherein I feel no forward movement. I used to hate dress rehearsals when I was an actor. It always seemed as if the dress rehearsal was stealing my energy.

Two days ago, the new shed was delivered. The same shed in the same colors with no differences. It is nice, but I did not feel the pleasure I had felt when the first was delivered. It cost me more in time and effort than I planned for. It made me wonder if I ever should have bothered. Yesterday I worked in my yard, planting herbs, moving furniture, pruning twigs and branches, and I connected. I realized the shed belonged there. I realized that doing things twice happens a lot in my life. Perhaps someone from above is forcing me to slow down. A greater lesson given me is the renewal of spirit when I must face difficulties. This is just a small blip in my life, but my spirit is renewed.

K. B. Pellegrino

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