Snow, Early Snow - That's New England ~ K.B. Pellegrino

It will probably snow tomorrow and I, like many of you, examined my itenerary for the next few days. Lo and behold, I’m picking up Linda at Bradley Airport. She is flying in from the South to attend a family wedding reception on Saturday. I’m hoping that the weather will not interfere. Do you notice that the first thing on my mind when bad weather comes is related to my plans; how I am, or all of us, are frustrated with a little inconvenience.

Now we look to the raging fires in California and think about residents dying in their cars or houses, the enormous destruction of buildings and the absolute ruination of wildlife and forestry. This is not an inconvenience; it is life changing for all who live through it; for all who must bury their dead; for all who have lost their homes and businesses, and for all the firefighters, first responders, police, doctors, etc.

As human beings, we cringe at the knowledge of this much suffering and destruction and wonder why. There is no good answer, certainly nothing that will alleviate the fear we have when we realize that we, not just them, are all at risk all the time. The only salvation we know is in the understanding that the goodwill of good people will always be evident in their good deeds for their fellow citizens.

I end this post with prayers for those suffering from war, destruction, crime, and personal sickness.

K. B. Pellegrino

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