Spark ~ K.B. Pellegrino
The spark is back. I am writing my eighth book, while waiting for the art for my seventh book’s cover. August and September were such busy months with vacations, family events, garden changes, plumbing problems dropping my dining room ceiling with a flush of water. Oh, nothing but physical work. However, when I am at events I listen and I watch people. This lovely yellow flower is today’s wellspring for dreaming, but listening to others inspires my characters. People display themselves in their dress and words. Spend some time listening, not criticizing, not attempting to put your words into the conversation, but listening. Oh, what an education is to be had. Two months of listening and physically working and my yellow flower says, “Today’s the day to get back to your writing. You need it.” K. B. Pellegrino, author
May be an image of flower and indoor


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