Sunnyside Road (Paradise Dissembling) ~ K.B. Pellegrino

It’s Tuesday and my book Sunnyside Road (Paradise Dissembling) is now available at, Barnes & Noble, iBook. Soft and hardcovers now available. Ebook available shortly. Read about the horrors happening on Sunnyside Road, an American lifestyle street typicallyseen in communities like yours. What happens when life doesn’t meet the expectations of the residents? How do they feel? What do they think about? Are the police ever going to identify and arrest the sociopath/psychopath murderer? How do the police go about solving the six murders of 12 year old children? Who will be next? Who is the famous criminal defense attorney involved? Why do we not meet him until late in the story? Does the law in Massachusetts leave a loophole for certain murderers. Has justice been done. Read, read, read. Let me know what you think!!!

Think about justice issues in your community and how they affect you. Reading a book such as Sunnyside Road allows the reader to look at a horror through a safe lens. Conclusions, however, can be made. Each one of us has met, or lives next to, or works for or with, or is related to a sociopath. Remember it is estimated that one in twenty-five may be a sociopath. Think about the potentials for society at large. Remember only a small percentage of sociopaths murder, but many cause havoc in the lives of those they connect with. The best solution advocated by the professionals is a structured and moral society. Have fun reading. K. B. Pellegrino

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