The Absent Spring ~ K.B. Pellegrino

I am not complaining; well perhaps a bit, but Spring in New England has not arrived. It is May 15, 2019 and today is 53 degrees, although sunny. However, the sunny part is relatively new this year. We have experienced such rain and cold. If Spring begins on March 21st, then we are almost two months into the three month season with no spring weather. It is almost as if we have lagged behind; that May is really April. I thought that way in October of last year, when the heat did not resonate as seasonal.

Well, what does this mean and what is its effect on our lives? I may speak only for myself and await your input on its effect in your lives. For me, I have been incredibly productive in my work and life; what else do you do when it’s too cold to garden, or shop much, or to leave the house midst torrents of rain. Better maybe to work at home, snuggle with Othello my labradoodle, contact friends via texts or phone, generally sometimes give into the ennui that constant rain supplies.

I want to plant, dig my hands into dirt, barbecue dinner, walk in my neighborhood, feel the excitement of attending outdoor events, and, and, and! Well, the rain has given me patience, always in short supply for my personality. The rain has suppressed some of the pollen which this year has increased the pharmacies revenues for antihistamines and nasal sprays and other solutions to the allergy problems many suffer from. One day my car was covered with yellow pollen; the next day, the rain washed it away. Why so much pollen? Well, I’ve been told that we did not have a normal winter; that there must be at least three consecutive weeks of cold to bring us into a normal spring season.

So still as I complain I am grateful. I was forced by the weather to pay attention to duty given that playtime was more limited. I sincerely hope that Spring is arriving this weekend as i attend my Hadley’s graduation. Maybe nature will be gifted to her for her graduation.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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