The elderly as Individuals! ~ K.B. Pellegrino

“KILLING THE VENERABLE – IT’S THEIR TIME” is my latest novel published today January 26th, 2021, as we speak. Find it on all the usual spots. I have some passion for the victims of this sociopathic serial murderer in this my sixth Captain Rudy Beauregard Mystery Series. When I started the manuscript some friends asked me if killing ‘old people’ was that interesting to society and whether I could market such a book. I quickly rejected that notion.

Because it takes some time to write over three hundred pages on a subject, I, the author, became more sensitive to societal attitudes and judgments toward what is collectively called the ‘elderly’, I have developed a passion for verbiage related to aging. Just when, tell me, just when, have we stopped thinking about older people as individuals? It appears that mainstream Americans tend to group older folks into a category for medical care, social living, attitudinal behaviors, and many more categories.

Today, I read about an eighty old woman who just danced ‘Swan Lake’ as a ballerina and brought down the house. Writers, historians, scientists, construction supervisors, teachers, accountants, and others often work well into their eighties. But even if older folks are frail, they are not invaluable. they are most interesting. They have a collective history we need to have shared with us. Each one lived an important life to at the minimum family, friends, colleagues, etc. Do not discount them as interesting. You would be wrong.

When I write my Murder/Mystery/Police Procedural novels, I always have central to the many plots an interconnecting observation about what I see happening currently in society. In this book, I examine the horror of a serial murderer who marks older men for murder. The assumptions made by the killer mirror the public’s oft-stated assumptions.

One of my reviewers, E. Lyons, Providence, RI said of the novel:
“WOW. Would you believe it if I told you there was a police sergeant who was a professional, classical violinist waiting for a promotion, a great guy killed by a hit and run motorist, a red hot chili contest with Captain Rudy as a taster, dog lovers and on and on. The only way to believe it is to read KILLING THE VENERABLE from cover to cover. Then again, it might be just too hard to believe at all.”

Mr. Lyons obviously found the book interesting, especially when referring to one of the victims as a great guy. Explore this read, not for just its mystery plot and its detectives’ success in catching the murderer, but to enjoy the lives of some elderly men who should inspire you. They lived lives rich in social connections despite their age and some infirmities.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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