"The Mission" ~ K.B. Pellegrino

In “The Book of Mysteries” by Jonathan Cahn, Day 250, the Mission stated is: Take every need, want, emptiness, desire, or longing and direct it away from the world, to the Spirit and the heavenly.

Each day in this book is a lesson for living. I found it particularly difficult to accept taking emptiness or desire away from the world…. direct it to the Spirit/ How would that work? Prayer? Redirecting my brain or soul away from the world? I get that. We often are taught as children to redirect our wants. Mother told me about children starving all over the world and I should be ashamed to want so much. Is that what this means? No, the analogy stated here is the history of the “well” in the Old Testament, where Jacob, Isaac, Moses all met their spouses. “The well is the place where the thirsty come to drink, a place where needs are fulfilled.”

The premise here is the Holy Lord will meet us at the well. I have been schooled in the New Testament more thoroughly than the Old Testament. But I was inspired to believe I should go in prayer for my needs. Not mind you, expecting them to be fulfilled. My needs would be assessed by the Divine and granted by the Divine’s will not by mine. My parents insisted we do not know our needs. We only know our wants. A child’s needs are assessed by the parent for the child believes a sleigh full of toys and candies are much needed, not piano lessons.

This one page in this book brought home to me my childhood, my mistakes in assessing needs in the past, and a fervent desire to pray more directly. Do not think because I write murder mysteries that I’m immune to good vs bad or wants vs needs. Murder is the most atrocious of sins and must be solved and punishment rendered. This type of fiction fits well into the great moral lessons of history and allows me the mission to write about suffering characters, base motives, and the wish to attempt to establish justice.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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