Veterans Day ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Veterans Day is just two days away. I have family members who have served in different branches of the service. But that’s not what’s important. All who serve our country, my family, your family, need our support, our respect, and yes our love. Our military are our safety line in a world filled with disrespect. I include in our military all who work to keep us safe including police and firefighters. We owe them all so much.

I am a mystery writer but there is no mystery here about what to do. Support our forces at home and abroad. Support with funds for associations like Wounded Warriers and other Veterans’ Support Services, building projects for homes and physical and mental supports for the disabled. Support by befriending their families in need. Love them because they love this country enough to put their lives at risk for us. We owe them.

God bless our troops everywhere.

K. B. Pellegrino??️

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