Virus Shot, Weather, and Family ~ K.B. Pellegrino
Here in Springfield MA, my writing for my seventh book is seriously being interrupted. This new book introduces an obstructive, but interesting woman into the lives of West Side MCU Captain Rudy Beauregard, his detectives, and Defense Attorney Norberto Cull. Just love an annoying but brilliant and classy woman to add to the West Side character list. Her name is Beryl. Soon, I hope, maybe in July, you will meet her.

But back to my problems frustrating my writing. I’m to get my second vaccine shot on next Tuesday, my husband on this Friday. I received the Moderna; he, the Pfizer. Why, you may ask. It was in the hands of the gods, based on availability and where you could qualify. I noticed also the at the end of the day if there were available vaccines, based on no-shows, then whoever came around found availability. I have answered more questions about this vaccine such as the following. Did I have reservations about taking this shot? Yes, but I am someone slow to take any meds. Did it hurt? No not much for the first; I haven’t taken the second. As a mystery writer, I was born suspicious, but as a woman with some experience, I have learned I must trust; and so I did. I did it more so for the safety of my family and others I encounter. Another questioned posed to me was relative to future problems resulting from the vaccine. Again, I have decided to trust. I do not know the future, but I hope for the best.

What else interfered with my writing? The weather is my answer. Snow and cold brought visitors; some particularly welcome as they dug us out. But the lethargy resulting from the unwelcome weather kept me anxious about my grocery shopping which I was wont to do. Just getting warm enough to go into the very cold grocery stores was a stumbling block for me. I am from New England. COVID has made me love to grocery shop, because it seemed to be an allowable visit our of my home – to interact with people at this time is such a blessing and so encourages me. But, going by the refrigerator sections of the grocery stores requires a hat and gloves.

Finally, there is family. I have a large family, but visits are considered with safety as the norm. The result is lots of visit with one or two at a time and welcome visits, they are. Still, the writing takes a hit.

Spring is coming and the great outdoors will bring some sanity to us all. Normally, I write more and faster in cold, rainy, snowy weather, but it was different this year.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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