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K.B. Pellegrino Holiday Message 2019

Oh how I love the color red at Christmas — also green, gold, silver, platinum, vivid blue, and white. I love sparkles and shimmer. I also appreciate the more toned down country use of straw, holly, old wooden structures, and evergreen. Bright or quiet, I appreciate upping our decor for the season. I want snow too; not in feet, but in inches. I want to attend church with my heart loaded with gratitude. This year is one in which I thank God, despite COVID-19. My family has battled with the virus successfully. My thoughts of love go to those less successful in the battle.

Mainly, I love the kindness and generosity surrounding me at this time and especially in consideration of the weight our society of people has endured in 2020. I so appreciate you all who are working to stay aground financially, interpersonally, and physically. We are fortunate that so many of us care about others. I do love this season’s majesty of anticipation for the wonder of Christmas and Hanukkah and other special seasonal religious days. My prayers for you all. Stay healthy. Stay positive. Celebrate.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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