What We See! ~ K.B. Pellegrino

I sit in the dark staring out the open window hearing the swish of the tree branches responding to the call of the wind. I see the leaves clearly; all their shapes, colors, and sizes are distinctly caught through my lenses and imprint on my mind. And, I am calmed. The day’s troubles fly with that same wind away from me. Oh, to see is such a gift.

In the morning, I look out that same window to a similar but softer breeze and do not see the beauty of those trees and leaves. I see the need to weed and mulch. I think of my time constraints. I worry about the health of one of the trees. I see all the minutiae, but I don’t see the beauty I could see; the beauty I saw last night.

Has the vision changed? No! Have my eyes changed? No!

Perspective is everything, and mental health requires awareness of our perspectives on our lives and how we live, think, work, and play. What do we see? Are we only looking at details and not seeing the big picture? Do our eyes betray us or do our minds betray us? In the dark night I found remembered beauty more pleasing and inspiring than what I saw in the light of day.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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