Who is West Side Captain Rudy Beauregard? ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Hi Readers, Captain Rudy Beauregard is the protagonist in the trilogy on ‘Evil Exists in West Site’ published by Liferich Publishing Company. The first two serial murder mysteries were published in 2018; the third is set to be published sometime in February 2019. They are in order: “Sunnyside Road -Paradise Dissembling”; Mary Lou – What did she do?”; and “Brother of Another Mother – All for One! Always?”. This post is written to share with you, why I chose Rudy Beauregard.

Captain Beauregard leads the police procedures used in finding the perpetrator/s in each case in each novel. He is led on a merry chase as he  synthesizes the evidence, along with info from interview statements, and his and his team’s gut instincts. What kind of a man, do you ask, leads this team? Why is Beauregard special or is he special in any way? Why did this author choose Beauregard?

All good questions, I think. Who do you think you would want as head of Major Crimes? Maybe you would want someone glamorous, because you’re thinking about seeing him or her in a later movie or televisions series. But I say as my mom used to say, “Beauty is as beauty does.” So I do not feel compelled to have a handsome leader. Why did I not have a women as MCU Captain, you may ask, noting that I have a history of being a woman in men’s traditional fields before I chose to be an author? Well consider that West Side, the fictional town/city located near Springfield in western Massachusetts, because of its size would not have a large police force; probably under two hundred. Major Crimes is a sought after assignment for police. A captain’s position would be normal. It takes time and good experiences to reach captain status and sometimes good connections. My Beauregard’s age is around fifty years. Why couldn’t he be a she? Well in five years maybe. We have seen wonderful movement in that direction since the eighties but it would not be the norm in a small city/town force given that Beauregard has been in charge of MCU for almost ten years.

So why isn’t Beauregard glamouroous or better yet, why him? Think about his traits when you read this trilogy and the fourth book in the series now about half written called, “Him, Me, and Paulie.” Beauregard is reliable. He has a back history that is mentioned in the first two books but disclosed in the third book. It is the cause of his slow and deliberate physical movements. Slow physically he may be, but his mind is as facile as a rabbit running from a dog. Rudy is married to a sensible woman, Mona, who thoroughly understands him. They have three sons. His adoptive parents Lizette and Roland Beauregard gave Rudy a solid and moral training; moreover they taught him to love his fellow man or at the very least to show respect; and he does, always. Beauregard in a plodder putting one foot in front of the other. He sees connections which makes him a great cop and a great detective. Rudy works with his team of detectives very well. He respects their points of view and their work. Best of all Rudy has great instincts. When his gut signals him, he doesn’t run with the instinct immediately, he chews on it as an idea and builds on it until he’s ready to move on it. And now the final vote for Beauregard; he is trustworthy.

As an author I get to choose. I choose the everyday person. I choose the solid and dependable and trustworthy hero. Rudy is not a wimp. He has his priorities in order. I can almost hear him saying, “Let others be the stars. I’ll back them, but I work to put it all together; well that’s my job.” Kind of think of him as the everyday man.

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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