Why We Read?! ~ K.B. Pellegrino

Why do I read? Why do you read? The answer may be different for each of us. I read to be informed. I read to dream. I read to share in empathy for others. I read to stimulate my soul. I read to understand which is different in the world and its people from just getting information. I read to improve my sense of obligation to others and to myself and family. And the list goes on!

What about reading fiction; is it worthwhile? I present my personal case which is why I write fiction. Through fiction, I am able to read and share in great beauty and great horror. Why would this examination, for instance of horror, be important. My view is we live in a world of reality and horror abounds. Watching news on my news feed often instills fear in me. I wonder: why could this happen; why would a gang behead an individual; why would a child be raped or abducted for sexual purposes, etc. These events in the real world, when examined closely, scare me. They are too close for comfort. I find myself having PTSD symptoms from the realization of these realities.

However, I am able to examine horror in fiction precisely because it is not real. I am able to explore solutions in fiction. Fiction allows me to view casts of characters and plots and figure out what may work when I apply some insights to real life. Fiction is safe in an unsafe world; but it does mimic reality. It does serve to teach us to learn and dream and feel.

I write mystery fiction for all the above reasons. Join me soon in the launch of my fourth in the Detective Beauregard Mystery series, “Him, Me and Paulie (Drugs, Murder, and Undercover).”

K. B. Pellegrino, Author

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